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Steps Taken By The Government To Protect Consumers.

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Who are consumers?

a consumer is a person or an organization that purchases goods or services for their personal use. Therefore, it is important to ensure that consumers get the best goods and services and that they are provided with the best services according to the money they spend.

What are the steps taken by the government to protect them?

Governments should have strong policies and rules to protect the consumers in their countries. Therefore, governments in different countries have incorporated consumer rights act into their domestic law systems to protect consumers from any sort of crimes and injustices that can arise to them. There is a state infrastructure policy that has been established to constantly inspect and inspect if such consumer policies are protected and followed.

Enabling policies for redress and introducing standards for the safety of the consumers.

With the development in technology and the opening of the expanded globalized economy consumers prefer to purchase goods and services via the internet. People can access the internet from their homes using their computers and their mobile phones. However, not every source in the internet are trustworthy and true businesses. There are fake accounts made by fraudulent companies to rob the consumers who purchase goods and services via the internet. The government have introduced a cyber insurance policy policy for customers to cover any companies stealing their personal information and data. At times the company accounts can be hacked by a hacker.

At such times, these insurance policies cover the damages that was caused by the company towards the customers.Similarly, even in businesses where risks are involved, for example in goods transportation by sea, there can be ship wrecks or damages to the goods. Customers who were entitles to get their good by the harbour will then suffer immense losses. To cover such damages the governments have introduced marine insurance. Visit https://www.midas.net.au/public-liability-insurance 

Further, in products which the government thinks are safe and healthy for customers, there are seals, or a mark given by the government specifically approving the products for consumer consumption. This makes it easy for buyers to choose product without any fear and confusion.

Educating the consumers about goods and new products.

Governments should engage in having many programmes to develop the public about consumer education. There can be different types of consumers in a country. While some are well educated and aware about consumer supplies, another group of people may be uneducated and not really know what good to purchase and what not to purchase. These people are more likely to be caught to fraudulent sellers and lose their hard-earned money. Therefore, the authorities should provide the consumers with information and make them aware about labelling of different products, hazards of products, health value, nutrition value and safety value of certain products and so on.

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